Sample Nursing Essays On Acupuncture and Smoking Cessation

Homework Question on Acupuncture and Smoking Cessation

  • Jeff, a smoker of more than 30 years, has tried to quit unsuccessfully in the past. A friend of his recently quit with acupuncture. He wonders if he should try it.
  1. Formulate a well defined clinical question that will yield the most relevant and best evidence.
  2. Describe the background of the question
  3. Present the question using PICOT format
  4. Indicate what will be the best study to answer the clinical question

Homework Answer on Acupuncture and Smoking Cessation

Research Question

Is the process and procedure of acupuncture effective and safe in treating and managing the condition of smoking addiction?

Background of The Question

Smoking addiction is one of the serious health conditions that cause various diseases such as cancer. Smoking of cigarettes that contains nicotine creates a high level of addiction that not only deteriorates the health of an individual but also makes one to be a slave of smoking. Recent developments show that addiction to smoking has led to mortality in various parts of the world (Ma et al, 2015). It is important therefore to carry out a research on some of the best ways in which this high level of addiction could be reduced.

The process and procedures of acupuncture is one of the ways which is thought to be effective in reducing cases of smoking addiction. The research is geared towards highlighting the effectiveness and safety in using acupuncture in treating and managing smoking addiction (McFadden et al 2015). The research will create an understanding on how best the procedure can be administered.

Homework Help

Presentation of The Question in PICOT Format


Since this study will be an experimental study, the population will be those who are suffering from the smoking addition. The criteria for sample selection will be those who are have smoked for more than five years and they are addicts. Additionally, the population will also include those who have quit smoking for control experiment. The means and ways in which they managed to quit smoking is also of very vital importance in this stance. This information is very vital since it helps in comparing this method under study and other methods of controlling addiction (Johnson et al, 2015).