Sample Nursing Essay Paper


  1. It is surprising that Florida is recorded as one of the states that have high percentage of people who lack health insurance. It is shocking to know that 2 out of 10 residents in 2008 were lacking any sort of insurance plan and the percentage was rising by the year (Florida Health Insurance). From the website, it is evident that only half of the employees in Florida offer Health Benefits plan. From the health highlights, Florida has managed to reduce the number of smokers in the state. Additionally, the state has also managed to reduce the rate of violent crime over the years.
  2. A significant number of Florida residents lack health insurance cover. A look into the health insurance price quote indicates that almost everyone in Florida has the capability of getting an insurance cover plan. This is due to the fact that the health insurance plans go to as low as $10.29 per month (Florida Health Insurance). I think the 20 percent population that lacks a health insurance cover should be encouraged by being educated on the payment and benefits of the same. Florida State is positive about having more individuals sign up for the health insurance policies. It is clear that the state has huge potential to overcome the health cover difficulties.
  3. The healthcare reform will ensure that more people, especially the ones in the low income levels to afford or qualify for health insurance coverage. In addition, health care reform will act as an encouragement to the employers who have no plan covers for their employees to take up the initiative of introducing them. I anticipate that the health care reform will strengthen consumer protection and enhance transparency in dealing with these insurance covers. It will also ensure that people are able to purchase their insurance covers with much ease since it will offer enough information to them. This is an important plan since it will also enhance preventive care.
  4. The Out of Pocket Model of Health Care is a system whereby citizens who need health care pay for it before or after they receive it. Without money, such individuals are not able to receive any health care. This is the model for most of the world population due to the high poverty rates, especially in the third world countries. Most of the countries that use this strategy are poor and have very few sustainable health insurance plans. The larger majority in such countries are not able to afford the health insurance since most of them do not even have employment or good income levels.
  5. The Beveridge Model of Health Care is applied by various countries such as Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Spain, Finland, Cuba, and Denmark. The system does not work on the motive of profit since it is believed that such affect efficiency and equity in the medical field. The model operates on the basis that health care should be considered as a human right and not just a privilege. The model brings out the fact that it is the responsibility of the National government to deliver equitable and professional health care. It aims at providing unlimited access to medical services without any limitations based on pay. The Beveridge Model of Health Care has the primary care physician as the main gatekeeper to the system.


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