Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Skills and Knowledge of Health Care Policy

Discuss your skills and knowledge of healthcare​policy and cost-effectiveness that you utilize for improvement of patient care during your leadership/management experience.

Skills and knowledge of healthcare policies are essential for nurses. They must be utilized during management and decision making to provide customized services that effectively meet client needs. Cost-effectiveness in provision of services is also crucial. These aspects are critical because consumers’ demands are increasing and expectations are becoming more complex. Health policy and cost-effectiveness offers a multifaceted approach to bring theory into practice during leadership experience. Nurses are tasked with responsibilities of making crucial decisions that touches on improving service provision to enhance wellness and promotions. Nurses must view health care policies as aspects that can shape the entire practice to make things happen. Nursing professionals are always in close contact with the patients they serve and understand how healthcare services can be offered to communities in the most cost-effective way. Medical services should be affordable to population in terms of subsidies and paid insurance packages. Knowledge of policies is fundamental in designing services and procedures that are cost effective. Therefore, they must participate in the formulation and implementation at all levels of medical practice. They must be able to read and understand health policies to encourage a healthier and safer community. Specifically, I utilize my skills in theory, research, communication and management to improve the process of decision making in coming up with valuable policies. I possess strong writing and thinking to articulate current demands to come up with new policy ideas that promote cost-effective service provision. As a nurse, I must use my skills to help shape ambiguous policies aimed at improving health conditions of my clients. Affordability of healthcare products and services are instrumental in improving accessibility that culminates into a healthy society.