Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Self-Reflection Posting

Self-Reflection Posting 

Undertaking a research in nursing and application of qualitative research has been helpful.  I have learned how to generate and assess evidence for nursing practice. In addition, I have learned what qualitative research is and what other research methods are applied to promote evidence research in nursing. For example, I have learned that a qualitative research design requires a small sample whilst quantitative research needs a large sample. In the same vein, the validity and reliability of a research depends on the sample used and the sampling procedure applied. I have also learned that a good research paper is made up of different sections namely sampling, data collection, methodology, analysis, and discussion and conclusion. The application of these sections makes an evidence-based research complete and successful. Notably, qualitative research recognizes the background nature of inquiry, and this makes it popular and successful in the contemporary social research, including nursing.

By undertaking the assignments and critiquing articles has been helpful in understanding of the content. For instance, the article critique has established weaknesses and strengths of the research method used and different components applied. For example, after critiquing an article, I learned that random sampling of the participants reduces researcher bias. Furthermore, the authors can enhance reliability and reliability by detailing the research method used. In addition, qualitative research design is most appropriate when there is need to evaluate, asses, and plan health care outcomes.

 In sum, undertaking this module and the assignment on the article critique in particular has gone a long way in improving my knowledge base on the various research methods, along with their merits and demerits. I am in a better position therefore to determine the ideal technique for use in carrying out a specific study.