Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Nursing Core Competencies

Nurses in the modern health sector undergo different challenges that not only reduce their performance but also limit their professional growth. Reducing the effects of these problems requires them to not only have enough experience but also utilize their daily practice and also improve on their competencies. There exist several competencies in nursing that can help these health professionals in improving the quality of care that they provide to patients. Some of them include informatics, quality improvement, professionalism, communication, system-based practise and leadership. However, I consider patient cantered care and teamwork and collaboration as the most essential abilities that nurses should have to provide effective services.

 Patient centred care primarily concentrates on a person’s individual health care needs. It can also be defined as the ability to treat a patient with utmost respect and dignity as well as involving them in making some of the decisions that may affect their health (Coalition, Massachusetts Action n.p). Nurses must have the skill to understand that each person has unique values, needs and preferences that should be considered when any form of care is being administered to them. Other important elements of this aspect include accessible collaborative care, full transparency, including the patient and their families in the decision making process, ensuring their physical and emotional wellbeing as well as welcoming their families in the setting.

 Teamwork and collaboration in nursing on the other hand involves the ability to interact independently with other people in the workplace in a bid to achieve a common goal. In the contemporary healthcare sector, it is important for nurses to work closely with other specialists including physicians to enable provision of coordinated comprehensive care (Rosen 433). This aspect aids in improving patient outcome and satisfaction, achieving job satisfaction, enhancing professional accountability, improving the rate of engagement in the workplace and increasing professional accountability.

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