Sample Nursing Essay Paper on My Short-and Long-Term Career Objectives

My Short-and Long-Term Career Objectives

My Primary Goal Regarding College Education

I am taking a nursing course so that it can lead me to a better career path with numerous opportunities and a chance to make a meaningful impact on society. A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree will give the required preparation for a role as a registered nurse (RN). Whereas I have been working as an RN with an associate’s degree, a BSN will enable me to be charged with more responsibility, and will enhance my career prospects by gaining a supervisory role. Further, it will also enable me to get a higher salary. To that extent, I plan to take four years to complete my BSN program to achieve my primary goal.  

The Benefits of This Primary Goal

            The greatest benefit of becoming a RN with a BSN degree is that it will give me career mobility. Career mobility entails the flexibility of working at various capacities at clinical settings with the eventual aim of gaining a senior role. Indeed, the qualification will facilitate an upward trajectory for my career to enable me to gain self-fulfillment. The second benefit is that it will enable me to gain analytical and critical thinking skills so that I can help improve the nursing profession. It is clear that the nursing profession is in need of practitioners who can engage in critical thinking to develop better procedures that can improve the quality of patient care. I believe that this qualification will enable me to make such a valid contribution to the profession. Lastly, the qualification will enable me to make a meaningful contribution to society. After earning the degree and gaining some experience as a RN, I can pass on my skills to unqualified nurses in remote places so that they can better attend to patients; this will improve the overall quality of care in the country.

Resources that Will Enable Me to Achieve My Goal 

Going through a nurse course requires a large financial layout. On that account, I am lucky that I am financially capable. I have gathered enough savings to pull me through to earn a BSN degree. I will use my finances effectively across the four years to ensure I get the degree without any money hindrances. Another valuable resources that I have is a supportive spouse. My spouse gives me the emotional support and motivation that I need to successfully complete the degree. I treasure the physical and emotional support that I receive from my spouse.

An Obstacle That I Need to Overcome to Achieve My Goal

The greatest obstacle that I will encounter is to achieve a balance between school, work, and personal life. Whereas it is crucial that I dedicate a significant amount of time to school and work duties, it is also crucial that I dedicate time to my personal life to enable me to rest adequately and have social ties. I will achieve this by creating a weekly schedule which will ensure that I use my time effectively.

The Impact of This Goal on My Life

The realization of this goal will enable me to gain a sense of self-fulfillment. My greatest desire is to become a highly qualified RN and this can only be achieved by earning a BSN degree. The qualification will also enable me to become a role model to many young people in my community. I aim to inspire the youth to become they best they can be; therefore, this degree will enable me to set a good example.