Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Learning Methods

Learning Methods

            People use different approaches to learn and understand ideas. When considering the different styles of learning, I am predominately a combination of an auditory and visual learner. I learn best when listening to an instructor and seeing the concepts presented by them. Similarly, most of the patients that I have come across learn through auditory and visual methods.

            While interacting with my patients, I have noticed that using one approach of teaching methods such as talking to them does not help them in their behavior change. However, for some of the patients that I taught through visual and auditory approaches like PowerPoint presentation, their response to the education topics was positive as they asked questions and implemented what was taught in their daily lives. Some patients even requested organizing follow up meetings to ensure that they were on the right track.

            More than one teaching method should be used to improve patients’ health education sessions and promote adherence to the lessons. Auditory, visual, and tactile approaches can be used in a single education session to ensure that the patients understand. Alternatively, patients can be asked their preferred learning methods before the beginning of the meeting. Like in the case of an old-aged diabetic patient, some of the approaches that can be applied include using simple language, using PowerPoint presentations or educational videos, and physical methods like demonstrating the types of food they should consume and their portions. Using food samples to show the patient what he should eat at home, will act as a guide for his shopping experiences, and help him in implementing the lessons. The patient can also be given brochures containing notes and images of what they were taught to promote compliance.