Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Health Policy Advocacy

Health Policy Advocacy

Essentials VI: Health Policy and advocacy, recognizes that a trained nurse has the ability to intervene in policy development and employ strategies that influence health care. Nursing education is changing and it prepares nurses to assume responsibilities, leadership positions and responsibilities. As a registered nurse (RN), I believe that I could have career change due to understanding Essentials VI and work as an advocate of policy implementation. As a Registered nurse, I am equipped to work with other health care professionals and the community to promote public health needs. Through policy formulation involvement, I will promote legislation that allows allocation of resources that are necessary in promoting advocacy for patients. Moreover, advocacy is essential in building reliable health systems. As a result, changing my line of work from a RN to an advocate will allow me to participate in designing policy solutions. Once we achieve this, we are able to implement the policies in the field using the available resources. (Mason, Gardner, & O’Grady, 2016)

RN lack much influence in policy formulation and implementation as policy advocates do. Having acquired the necessary skills in the Essential VI, I will help disadvantaged groups in the society. Through working as an advocate I will help advocate and assist fight maternal mortality through allocation of resources and promoting respectful labor. I will be able to achieve a lot more that I could have working as a RN. Health care services are improving with the advancements in technology and extensive knowledge of health care issues. As a RN who advocates for policies formulation, monitoring and implementation, many patients especially maternal mothers are able to receive timely and quality health care through the polices we formulate and resources mobilized in providing care to these patients.


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