Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Components of an argument

An argument can be termed as given reasons which are developed to back an idea about any issue. Theories can be developed and then backed up with appropriate materials and facts to show their truthfulness or credibility. An argument has three main parts which include the claims, the facts and supporting ideas, and the evidence. The claim is the topic of the argument, it is usually controversial (Hyland, 68). The claim is like the topic of an argument. Secondly, there are the supporting ideas that carry details that persuade the audience on the reason why they are supposed to believe the claim. Then the last part of the argument is the evidence which buoys up the supporting ideas of the argument.

Is there relationship between poverty and pitiable health?


Health has a larger connection with poverty. It is believed that poor health can be related to poverty cases (Pinstrup-Andersen, 514).In simple terms, this implies that when there is a higher poverty rate, there is a possibility that health complications can be witnessed or observed.

Supporting ideas

            Poverty has been labeled the main cause of poor health in a community. Increased poverty levels on the other hand increase the likelihood of poor health among individuals. The cost of drugs and fees for visiting the doctors may be too high for poor individuals making them have little health patterns. Poor individuals have devastating living conditions usually overcrowded thus creating a leeway to numerous air-borne infections.


            Low-income earners have been found to have a high possibility rate of contracting infections like diabetes and heart infections (Pinstrup-Andersen, 515). Families living in extreme poverty have also been reported to have poor moods which deteriorate health, infections crop up because of malnutrition, and harsh environmental experience.

            In conclusion, there is a relationship between poverty and poor health .Poverty exposures like insufficient funds for drugs and doctors’ fees lead to poor health.

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