Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Community Program Planning Paper

Community Program Planning Paper

Cutler Bay resembles modern communities that have both lower and middle-income populations. The former resides in poor neighborhoods identified by dirty streets and disorganized apartments. On the other hand, the middle-income population lives in well-organized residential homes with good hygiene and health conditions. Such communities have limited public resources including a few hospitals. Cutler Bay has CHI Community Center, which serves the medical needs of the community members. MAP-IT (Mobilizing, Assessing, Planning, Implementing, and Tracking) is a framework that would aid the CHI Community Center in improving the healthcare status of Cutler Bay. MAP-IT is an important framework for developing nursing programs and would improve the health of the people of Cutler Bay.


Mobilizing people for public change requires objective and strategic measures. For a successful healthcare change at Cutler Bay, a nursing program requires stakeholder mobilization. Stakeholders of healthcare at Cutler Bay would include the political leadership and medical practitioners. Political leadership would be tasked with mobilizing funding from national resources. For instance, state-of-the-art medical equipment would be necessary for the nursing program. The public also requires mobilization in terms of health information awareness. The healthcare change program would only be effective if people are aware of the nursing initiative.


The public will be the most affected by the nursing program implemented by CHI Community Center. People from both lower and middle-income classes would benefit from a nursing program that improves medical status at Cutler Bay. Assessing, as an element of MAP-IT, would aid in implementing healthcare change for the benefit of all community members (Buns, Pettitt, & Blanton, 2017). For instance, subsidized fees for medical services would encourage healthy living among people in the lower income earning category. Similarly, this population would also benefit from the program by accessing efficient medical equipment for advanced medical services. CHI Community Center has enough medical resources to implement an effective nursing program.


            Healthcare change requires adequate planning and setting objectives and goals. The nursing program would require additional medical practitioners for implementing field programs. Intern nurses and doctors should partner with established and certified medical practitioners to implement field programs such as performing annual physical medical checkup (Omura et al., 2017). The main mission of the nursing program would entail success in providing basic or primary healthcare services to community members of Cutler Bay.


The nursing program entails providing primary healthcare services to community members of Cutler Bay. Achieving proper hygiene would be indicated by cleaned sewer systems and proper trash-collecting policies (Omura et al., 2017). Primary healthcare services would be considered successful if access to basic medicine is made available to all members of Cutler Bay. Implementing the nursing program should achieve both short and long-term medical objectives of an improved healthcare system in the community.


Tracking is the last phase of the MAP-IT framework and would aid the nursing program in achieving healthcare needs at Cutler Bay. Tracking progress of a nursing program entails measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services (Buns, Pettitt, & Blanton, 2017). Short-term objectives of the nursing program such as personal and community hygiene would indicate healthcare change at Cutler Bay.

MAP-IT framework would be effective in transforming healthcare in communities at Cutler Bay. CHI Community Center is a strategic institution for implementing nursing change in the selected region. The healthcare organization provides medical services to all members of Cutler Bay hence a vital public institution. Most healthcare programs are implemented in strategic institutions that are accessible and available to all members of a community. All stakeholders of health services should take part in the program as a means of improving the living standards of all people in the Cutler Bay community.


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