Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Clinical Decision Making

Clinical Decision making

The utilization of technologies among young people provides an opportunity of increasing accessibility to evidence-based psychological health resources. According to the outcome of the psychological health advancement interventions, the skill-based interventions can have a major impact on the psychological health of the young adults. The outcomes of the advancement of online prevention show a major positive effect of on-screen cognitive developmental therapy on young adults’ nervousness and depression indicators (Clarke, Kuosmanen, & Barry, 2015). The outcome from research in this review present some evidence indicating that the participant web-based support is a significant element of online intervention, but it is mainly based on participant devotion and the results of the program. Additionally, as a result of the high rate of incompleteness, it is necessary to conduct a research for the purpose of investigating factors that affect exposure and devotion (Clarke, Kuosmanen, & Barry, 2015). Even though future research is necessary, this present study points out the advantages of online psychological health promotion in improving the wellbeing of the young adults.

The role of Advanced Practice Special Registered Nurse(APRN) is an exceptional nursing tool which combines the features of health care practice and generic primary care. It is also a type of health care characterized by giving care, thereby allowing for the full concentration on health care (Dunphy et al., 2015). The privilege of being an APRN and involving oneself in patients’ lives to support their wellbeing involves a lot of sacrifice. It requires human loyalty, clear medical decision-making, and an obligation to perform optimally (Dunphy et al., 2015). From the two articles, it is evident that health promotion is one of the most significant tools currently available in disease prevention.


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