Sample Nursing Essay Paper on Apply Quality Improvement

Apply Quality Improvement

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a combination of the medical information of patients gathered with the objective of assisting medical providers in offering quality health services to their patients.  As a result, meaningful use in EMR helps improve healthcare quality, safety, and care coordination among the healthcare providers for the benefit of the patients. Meaningful use of the EMR also sets the objectives that medical practitioners and the health centers must achieve to qualify proper health service centers.

For a successful implementation of EMR in any medical Centre, there is need to address all the issues that the staff face regarding increasing the form of care for patients (Nguyen, Bellucci, & Nguyen, 2014). It is vital to take into consideration the clarification of customers and the application of technology in the care setting. One main issue to be addressed is the acceptance and ease of access to the system by the staff. In any system, there is bound to be resistance at the start of implementation, and as such, there is need to create a good environment that all staff members will adopt during the transition period.

Meaningful use may affect the performance of the staff members, which is influenced by financial incentives and the growth and adaptation of EMS in health centers. Efficient use subsequently helps the task force to familiarize with clinical workflow and the impact of EMS on workload. The accomplishment of any project is reliant on upon the understanding of the system by the members. Meaningful use gives purpose for the use of EMR in the health sector.

In conclusion, there is need to address the issues that are raised by the task members to address any doubts that may arise. As a result, this helps give confidence to the staff, in general, to accept and adopt the new system.   


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