Sample Nursing Essay Summary on the Roles of Advanced Practice Nurse in Policy, Politics and Advocacy

The Roles Of Advanced Practice Nurse In Policy, Politics And Advocacy

An advanced practice nurse (APN) has either a Doctorate or Master’s Degree and is registered. The nurses have advanced experience in practice, sufficient skills and are therefore beyond reproach. The skill notwithstanding, the political systems demand that nurses live in support of political regimes. It is therefore important that besides the experience, the APNs should also have the necessary education background to be able to perform their roles effectively. Education regarding health care policies and their relationship with politics also increase the effectiveness of their performance in their respective roles. The APNs should also understand the role of politics in the healthcare sector. Through having an understanding of the political influences on healthcare policy, the APNs can effectively advocate for and influence healthcare policies. There are several ways through which this can be achieved.

First, the APNs can influence healthcare policy through expert power (Milstead, 2013). Since the nurses are skilled and have experience to convince the everybody to accept their policy choices. The nurses have the educational power to organize, inform and educate both politicians and the public on the benefits of their preferred policy choices. In addition to this, the APNs have legitimate power based on their expertise. They can influence the public and to advocate for better health care policies. The registration of nurses within their various jurisdictions also gives them the power to address any heath care problems. This makes it possible to influence politics and their inherent power. The transferability of power makes it possible for the nurses to influence others. The professional bodies have important roles in supporting the APNs in safeguarding their interests, giving nurses legitimate power in their practice and facilitating policy making (Finkelman and Kenner, 2010).




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