Sample Nursing Courseworks Paper on Nursing research: Principles, Process and Issues


A nurse’s knowledge of the research process has immense influence on their current and future professional practice. The research process provides learning opportunities for a nurse to participate in the creation of knowledge and contribution towards the continuing advancements that enhance optimal nursing care. The process is rigorous and helps the nurse to be a better advocate for patients in the provision of the best possible care through the evidence-based practice (Tingen, Burnett, Murchison & Zhu, 2009). It also helps the nurse to appreciate the value of their position in developing appropriate interventions for various health care settings. Collaborations and cooperation between the researchers are crucial for the success of the study, and this is also translated into their daily relationships with other health care providers. A nurse can make informed decisions and easily apply knowledge gained from the research process in their practice.

The research process presents a holistic perspective towards the study of individuals and their communities with the aim of promoting health, nursing care, and healthy lifestyles. The stages of the research process help in grooming a nurse to be responsible and appreciate their valuable roles through the assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of findings for the success of a study. Additionally, it enables the nurse to develop other skills of management, organization, mentoring, and communication, as well as information technology (Parahoo, 2014). The nurse discovers the importance of trying new things through curiosity and is motivated to do more when they achieve good results, and this leads to the growth of more knowledge. Therefore, a nurse who has gone through the research process is in a position to better understand a particular nursing situation in which little information is known and to control the occurrence of undesired outcomes better (Polit & Beck, 2008).


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