Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on the Power of Wholeness, Consciousness, and Caring a Dialogue on Nursing Science, Art, and Healing

Discussion Responses

Kim’s DB

Hello Kim,

Great discussion post. I enjoyed reading on your reflection on Jean Watson’s position on Caring Science. As a matter of fact, we share the same perception on the stipulation that caring science is a starting point for a metatheory in nursing (Watson, 2008, p. 20). From Jean Watson’s stipulations, we understand that caring science encompasses principles such as practice of loving kindness and equanimity, being open to the unexpected and inexplicable life events, having an authentic presence which enables a deep belief of patients and clogs among others. Particularly, the core Concepts of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring/Caring Science which encompass a relational caring for self and others based on love, Transpersonal caring relationship and practicing a reflective/meditative approach serves as the main principles used by nurses in their day to day activities while serving patients or while interacting with each other (Watson & Smith, 2002, p. 454).


Watson, Jean. (2008). Nursing, Revised Edition. University Press of Colorado. Vital Book file. 1, 15-25.

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Alice’s DB

Great post Alice.

I loved your comprehensive reflection on Jean Watson’s position on Caring Science and especially on us all being connected. This is an approach which resonates with my belief as well. Looking at humanity, one can easily observe that we are all connected irrespective of our race or social standing (Watson & Woodward, 2010, p. 354). At the bare minimum, we are human beings who are in need of love from others. Hence, as a nurse, this is a belief which supports my resolve of serving people without any sort of discrimination whatsoever. Hence, I too agree that nursing should be grounded in Caring Science. Particularly, the stipulations by Caring Science are geared towards ensuring that nurses encapsulate integrity in their relationships with patients, their family and their fellow professionals (Cowling, Smith & Watson, 2008, p.51). Lastly, the baseline of nursing profession is based on love hence at any given time, nurses should share love when serving.


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