Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on The American Public Health Associations

The American Public Health Associations

The American Public Health Associations (APHA) is among the oldest and most prestigious professional organizations within the United States’ health sector. Founded in 1872, APHA’s main aim has always been to promote the health of all individuals in all communities. APHA’s current membership stands at 25,000 in all four of its enlisting categories namely regular, early career professionals, retired, and students (Glasgow, Vogt, & Boles, 2009). Over the last decade, the association has made it easy for its members to maintain their status, as well as adding to their ranks through an online subscription portal on the American Journal of Public health and The Nation’s Health websites in addition to the more traditional weekly newsletter in the Public Health.

The American Public Health Associations Functions

Throughout APHA’s years of operation, the organization’s functions has been to promote public health by, offering its members with an avenue to conduct researches thus solve prevailing issues. Additionally, APHA helps the government formulate legislations that positively influence public health thus developing a healthier community in a single generation.      

Organization Mission and Vision

APHA’s mission is to improve the public health as well as champion for equality in health provision. The organization promotes constant communication about public health issues to healthcare stakeholders to promote policy changes that are backed by scientific results. Currently, APHA is the only professional organization that directly influences federal health policies, a heritage that it has held for over a century and a half. APHA’s vision is to develop a system that promotes healthy living.

Organizational Benefits

For over 150 years, The American Public Health Associations (APHA), offers its members with a variety of benefits such as; 

  1. APHA offers its members with the support from as early as when in nursing school. APHA has an association with numerous medical organizations worldwide such as Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), which allows the organization to have a wide range of financial, as well as expertise resources (Krieger & Higgins, 2015). For instance, the partnership between APHA and PAHO has led to the development of public health events such as National Public Health Week, as well as World Health Day. APHA also provides its members with the best mentorship programs that aid in increasing their proficiency to an early kick-start to the professional life.

2.    APHA indorses networking of professionals in the public healthcare sector on international, national, as well as state levels. The medical field is significantly diverse, and research on novel ways of increasing efficiencies are perpetual, with increased networking, members are allowed to get pro-active in finding new sustainable solutions in Public health.  

3.    APHA offers its members with the unique ability to take part in online, as well as practical activities such as peer-reviews research, newsletter editing, weekly e-news presentation, as well as clinical bulleting. This allows all members to remain up to date with all issues regarding the public health in terms of technological improvements, as well as changes in legislation.

Contact Information

The American Public Health Associations current physical address is

San Diego Convention Center

111 W Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 92101, USA

The new members are expected to provide full names, areas of residence address, email address as well as the level of entry. For example, students and retired applicants’ processes are different from those ofpracticing individuals. For more information please visit the American Public Health Association’s official website or the registration portal at . The Website has a chatroom where all queries are answered promptly, in addition to having additional information regarding the association, its benefits, as well as payments.

APHA is focused on providing an avenue for health stakeholders to present their grievances or solutions. A testimony from the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor provides a clear view of how the association engages with individuals of different social as well as economic classes in performing its duties (Krieger and Higgins, 2015). Such remarks emphasizes on the functions of APHA and affirms its commitments to member needs.

Gun Violence Forum

From previous manuscripts, APHA recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach in addressing the escalating crisis in regards to gun violence. Over the last half a decade, the fatalities reported as a result of guns have reached a staggering warzone average of 38,000, while the non-fatal injuries reported rest at 85,000. The issues regarding gun violence are deeply rooted in the U.S culture, and there is a need for APHA to take a proactive position in finding a lasting solution to this current situation. Members are requested to post their discussions via the organization’s official Email address.


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