Sample Nursing Coursework Paper on Cancer and Caregiving

Cancer and Caregiving

Caring for patients remains a burden that most caregivers are forced to assume as their roles in helping patients cope with the pain and struggles of the disease. According to Iavarone et al. (2014), caregivers have the option of determining the best approaches that can be efficient in helping them deal with the burden associated with healthcare conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Among the approaches that Iavarone et al. (2014) points out to be efficient in allowing caregivers to be manage the burden of taking care of patients is emotion-oriented coping strategies. The inclusion of emotion in the development of alternative stress management allows caregivers to consider their work as necessary rather than a burden.

At the same time, role of caregivers is seen as advocating for the rights of the patients. According to Finucane et al. (2017), among the roles that caregivers assume when dealing with patients include the management and determination of decisions that are related to the patient at the end-of-life. At the same time, caregivers have the role of determining the support needed to improve the care being offered to the patient and the delivery of the services to the patient. These are some of the rights that patients are granted, but with the presence of caregivers who help determine the type of care to be offered, they become their advocates. The experience of the caregiver with the patient over the years helps a caregiver learn and get to understand their connection with the patient and ways the quality of care being offered to the patient can be improved.

Questions to ask

  1. What additional approaches can caregivers implement in coping with the challenges of caring for a patient?
  2. To what extent are the concerns of the patient a concern for the caregiver as their advocate?


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