Sample nursing Coursework Paper Impact of Cultural Competence and Ethical Decision Making Models

Impact of Cultural Competence and Ethical Decision Making Models

Cultural competence entails the ability to relate effectively with people having different socio-economic and ethnic background, especially in a non-profit making context. Nursing practitioners need cultural competence in their everyday activities due to the potential of disastrous outcomes in case the competency is lacking. In the nursing context, effective diagnosis depends on the ability to understand cultural differences. Nurses who are culturally competent can engage in their activities through placing values, beliefs and cultures within their right contexts.

Cultural competence also enables the nursing practitioners to be able to offer good clinical care to patients from different cultural backgrounds. It is an important concept in clinical reasoning, especially in areas such as pathophysiology (Doughlas, 2013). Understanding the concept of pathophysiology is important in nursing as it enables the nursing practitioner to make effective decisions regarding the operation of various activities and processes within the human body.

Pathophysiology requires cultural competence due to its ability to help nurses in dealing with patients in pathophysiology. Patients have different undesired conditions which bring about the need to be handled differently. The understanding of pathophysiology and cultural competence makes it possible for the nurses to use the most relevant decision making models while dealing with patients in pathophysiology. An understanding of pharmacology on the other hand enables the nurse to understand the impacts of chemical changes on behavior, as well as various systematic processes that occur within the body. Moreover, the pharmacological processes create an understanding of the treatment procedures for various diseases. Nurses are also required to have an understanding of the physical treatment procedures which are necessary in the clinical set-up (Wehbe-Alamah et al, 2012). Cultural competence can help the nurses to provide the right diagnosis for patients from different cultural backgrounds.



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