Sample Nursing Case Studies Paper on A First Experience with Complicated Performance Appraisal

A First Experience with Complicated Performance Appraisal

            Performance appraisals are essential in organizations as they help leaders determine the productivity and qualifications of their employees. The information that will be required to prepare for the performance appraisal will include the educational and expertise qualifications of the nurses, their roles in the facility, a SWOT analysis of their performance, the competency criteria used by the hospital along with other procedure guidelines that should be used in the surgical unit (Weiss & Tappen, 2014; Finkelman, 2016). The performance appraisal meeting would promote positive behavior change in organizations.

            During the performance appraisal meeting, the key issues that will be addressed for Nurse Jane will include ethical ways of solving problems in healthcare settings and interpersonal communication with colleagues and patients based on the arguments that she had with physicians and the medication errors. For Nurse Sue, the issues that will be addressed include collaborating and maintaining proper interpersonal communication with other nurses, effective delegation, her documentation, and the need to apply the BSN knowledge she acquired in her nursing practice (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). Outlining these issues would enable them to understand the areas that they need to improve.

            I would respond to Jane’s comment by requesting her to point out some of the areas that she thinks I have failed as a nurse manager, as her the changes she would like to see in the unit and ensure that he understands that no one is perfect and people are bound to make mistakes. After reaching an agreement, I would also discuss with her the right way to address such issues with other colleagues to avoid conflicts (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). When Sue states that she is better than the AD nurses are, I would talk to her about the importance in collaboration and mentorship in nursing as a way of promoting skill development and competency, and her role as a BSN nurse in directing, correcting, and assisting the AD nurses.

            Recommendations for Jane would include working on her interpersonal communication skills, interprofessional collaboration, and avoiding medication errors. For Sue, I would request her to work on her communication skills, improve the approaches she uses when delegating roles to other nurses, and ensure that her documentation meets the required criteria for the facility. I would review their performance after six months to determine whether the nurses have improved. Conducting performance appraisal continues to be a critical practice in nursing.


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