Sample Nursing Article Review Paper on Care Model Process


Question 1

Care Model Process

            The Care Model Process adapts its features from the Wagner Chronic Care whose main emphasis is on excellent delivery of personalized care to highly informed patients by proactive practitioners. Electronic health records of the patients are viewed prior their visit to ensure a thorough review. Practitioners are also responsible for organization of post visits and transitional care after hospitalization.

“How Nurses Are Solving Some of Primary Care’s Most Pressing Challenges” is an interesting nursing article that gives an insight into the life of the common nurse. It provides evidence based information on the various challenges that are faced by nurses such as the utilization of different models and how such can be solved appropriately. From this article’s author perspective, hospitalization can be avoided (Ladden, 2012). In their view, unplanned hospitalization has led to an increase in the national budget of various governments hence a huge waste on resources. I chose this article since it provides accurate statistics in the nursing field. The information in it will help me to prepare adequately for my future career.

Question 2

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners RSS feed offers crucial information on efficiency among nurses. The information offered encourages nurses to interact with each other so as to gain insight into the nursing profession (American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2012-2017). Interaction between nurses is crucial as it advocates for exchange of helpful ideas that could transform nurses’ view of their profession.  I foresee a turnaround in incorporating this information within my own practice. I plan to create a platform whereby nurses from different organizations within my area will have moments of meeting to exchange ideas.  I believe this interaction will improve performance within my team of nurses. Nursing is quite a difficult profession that must be driven by passion. However, one on one interaction with other nurses, especially them that are more experienced, acts as a motivation factor for the younger practitioners.


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