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Homework Question on Importance of Taking Nuclear Safety a Top Priority

  1. Briefly describe the importance of making nuclear safety a top priority in your pursuit of a career in nuclear energy.
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Homework Answer on Importance of Taking Nuclear Safety a Top Priority

Nuclear power is a method of producing electricity, currently nuclear power plants are the most efficient, reliable and cost effective sources of energy (Tabak and John xvi). There are many and severe risks that are involved in the setting up, production and distribution of nuclear energy hence important measures has to be taken before venturing in the nuclear energy sector.

There is production of massive heat in the reaction process; the heat may overcome the resistance of the nuclear reactors resulting to a meltdown of nuclear reactors. One will prevent such accidents if you ensure that there are emergency cooling systems. Such measures help to prevent severe burns and loss of life.The radioactive released from the nuclear plant reactors has side effects on individuals that get into contact with it.

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It is important to take health precautions, understand what how your body reacts when exposed to radioactive and take the necessary measures. This will prevent occurrence cancer and, skin complications and damage of central nervous system. When one gets vulnerable they will be able to detect and act on the symptoms that arises in good time before it is too late (MNT n.p). When one takes the preventive measures before engaging in nuclear energy, one will have the opportunity to analyze and understand the nature of the environment that the plant is situated.