Sample Music Essays On Taylor Swift and Her Image

Homework Question on Taylor Swift

Title Taylor Swift and her Image


(key point: overview,why, why you do it, clear)

Literature Review

(key point: What people said about the topic, 15-20 reference here)

who? taylor swift

how?she can successful

what? image


(key point: What you say, What’s your idea)

How taylor swift use her image to set success(music+image)

Taylor swift already became a product lead to her music success


(key point: What you have said)

Homework Answer on Taylor Swift


Taylor swift has been very successful in her musical career. This has been characterized by a combination of various strategies such as utilizing her looks and image. She has worn GRAMMY awards ten times in her career. This makes her an icon in this field. In her library, there are more than five album and this makes her an outstanding star who goes against all odds to attain success.

Therefore, concentrating and focusing on her career path helps determine the strategies she applies to emerge successful. In addition, she is a very young person. Being a star at twenty five years, posed some challenges in the management of fame.For Swift, she ensures that she portrays her normal being and remains real to herself contrary to many young artists who become superstar at young age. Her inspiration came from her grandmother who used to sing in church.

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Thus, she was motivated to step in her foot. Her mother was also an influential figure in her life as she directed and helped in times of need. Furthermore, Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton were influential artists whose songs were popular and caught the attention of young Swift. Taylor’s also made good use of her image and slim body to market her songs especially during live performances. This essay discusses how swift uses her image to set success.