Sample Music Essays On Music in the Twentieth Century

Homework Question on Music in the Twentieth Century

  • In the paper you must utilize research to:
  1. Provide a description of your topic, applying historical terms correctly.
  2. Describe the political, cultural, social, and historical context of your topic.
  3. Describe the factors that resulted in the main formative events of the twentieth century as it relates to your topic.
  4. Identify key characters, trends, movements, events, and associated policies in regarding your topic.
  5. Discuss how the culture(s) affected by your topic acted. Analyze why members of the particular culture(s) behaved as they did.
  6. Discuss at least two conflicting interpretations (from research) of the topic. Evaluate the validity of each interpretation, and formulate your own opinion about the topic with justifications.
  • You must cite at least four credible sources in your paper from a variety of different types of sources using MLA or APA formatting. Full in-text citations must be provided, and all sources must be listed on a separate reference page.

Homework Answer on Music in the Twentieth Century


Music is as old as the human beings, and many historians were unable to trace a clear origin of music. However, there were some material evidence of the past that were discovered that indicated that the Music was relevant as early as 50,000 years ago (Gascoigne, 2001). A solo flute made of bear’s leg bone was discovered in the caves of Slovenia and thought to have been in use almost 45,000 years ago (Gascoigne, 2001).

Also, some primitive musical instruments were discovered which were thought to have been used in the Paleolithic period almost 12,000 years ago (Haynes, 2007). Music spread to all races of humanity and presently all ethnic groups have their own kind of music that appreciate their customs and believes. Music is a wide form of art which makes use of sound in a rhythm, texture, pitch and dynamics to influence, impact, encourage, incite, praise, express, mobilize, entertain, transform, warn or unites the people ( Haynes, 2007).

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Music serves important personal functions, such as, evoking pleasant memories, relieving distress, and enhancing or changing the present mood (Deliège et al, 2011). There are many reasons that make people to consider music as part and parcel of their lives, and therefore music has become necessary in day to day activities. Every ethnic group in the world has its unique musical culture, which portrays their norms and beliefs in an entertaining manner.