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  1. How can I feel the  music effect  on a positive way?

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Music and the youth go hand in hand, and it is common nowadays to find teens going almost everywhere as they listen to music on either their phones or iPods. It is the case since music makes these individuals feel good about what they are listening to and enhances their lifestyles. Some positive impacts that can be highlighted include the heightening of positive emotion by music stimulating the brain to feel elated.

The neurological reach of music and its prehistoric role in cultural and healing rituals have had a more powerful impact on individuals than traditional medication (Suttie 1). Music can be harnessed by the youth so as to have a more positive effect on their lifestyle, health, and personal well-being.Music can act as a tool that can be utilized in the eradication of stress and anxiety that tend to culminate the daily experiences of people.

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Research has established that when an individual listens to music especially one with a low pitch and slow tempo with the absence of loud instrumentation and lyrics then they can calm down even when faced with painful and stressful events (Suttie 1). Music reduces anxiety by reducing the heart rate and increasing cortisol levels thus enabling an individual to control their level of stress. Music should be utilized by persons to calm themselves down especially when faced with difficult circumstances.