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Homework Question on Michael Jackson

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  • Throughout the semester you will read about, and we will discuss, important composers, musicians, and performers from the past 300 years. As we will continue to see, the contributions of these individuals have greatly influenced the development of music and musical styles.
  1. From our current time, whom do you think might be included in a list of great musicians that would be referenced as having been influential in the next 100 years?
  2. Do you consider this artist’s contributions more in the realm of “musician as artist” or “musician as entertainer”?

Homework Answer on Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a true legend and icon to many, and there is no doubt that he might be included in a list of great musicians that would be referenced as having been influential in the next 100 years. His influence can be largely attributed to the fact that he was an all-round musician taking part in singing, songwriting, record production, dancing, and acting. Also, he influenced and made significant contributions to dance, fashion, and music in entirety given his global popularity.

Unlike musicians of current time whose focus is on specific music genres, Jackson explored a range of music genres include rhythm and blues, pop, funk, rock, soul, disco, post-disco, new jack swing, and dance-pop. He will also stand out among the greatest and most influential musicians because he did not write his songs as seen in current musicians but dictated into a sound recorder (Michael Jackson, n.d.). His preference to beatbox and imitation of instruments vocally rather than using instruments also make him stand out.

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With his success in music and art in entirety, Jackson donated approximately $300 million to charity, a move that influenced several young people and musicians coming after him.Jackson’s contributions can be considered more in the realm of “musician as artist” than “musician as entertainer.” A musician entertainer is a person who is worried about what people think of him or her in terms of performance, looks for applause or approval, and strives to achieve something they did not achieve during childhood.