Sample Music Coursework Paper on The Violin

The Violin

In attending a musical orchestra, it can be noted that the violin can be termed as the most standard instrument visible on the left side of the stage. The violin does not only come in an array of different sizes beffiting both children and adults but characterized by small strings and played using a bow. The instrument is not only surrounded by a romantic sensation of charm but is accrued to other benefits such as mental and physical (posture and burning of calories), and the reduction of stress. The commonality of the violin in the orchestra can be accrued to the fact that they are highest sounding and most musically versatile instruments.The violin has matured to be the most conspicuous and dominating instruments in the orchestra due to a range of tones and thus their continued use in establishing the musical texture and tones.

The violin being a bowed string instrument provides the musician with the opportunity to play long melodic phrases and this is one of its many captivating factors. The utilization of fingers gives the player the ability to produce and mimic the human voice easily and also play high sounds. The violinist can be able to play faster and handle two notes at a time known as ‘double stops.’ The peronality of the instrument is complex as it sanctions the violinist to augment composite harmonies in a creative manner transcending from the melody.  The violin as aforementioned is a string instrument that is characterized with sound similarities and hence, can easily achieve synchrony and harmony.

In the orchestra as earlier noted, the violin can be said to play an integral part in determining the musical texture and melody. In addition, the first and second violins are charged with playing a mix of melodies as unit achieving both harmony and rhythm with the latter assuming a supportive role. It is a standard instrument in the orchestra and plays a leading role in the creation of the melody. In conclusion, it can be accrued to be the most significant instrument in the orchestra and an interesting intrument to play due to its potential in the creatio of beautiful music.

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