Sample Music Coursework Paper on Revelatory idea in the article, “The Audition”

Revelatory idea in the article, “The Audition”

            In an audition, people expect tales of instant glory whereby few minutes or seconds in a performance seem to change the life of a person completely. A similar revelatory reality exists for Mike Tetreault. During his study, they shared a practice room with Lee Vinson. The two were unusually serious in their careers (Dorris, 9). There is a revelatory transition in the lives of the two musicians. It is evident that Vinson moved to a two-bedroom house since he had the best job. Later, He was kept on probation for two years for missing one vote to earn his tenure again. On the other hand, Tetreault is visionary on his career as percussionists and practices for more than twenty hours. It is revelatory that despite their effort in the music career, percussionist’s performance would be examined by the ten-minute live performance. A single mistake would cost the life of a person. Tetreault says ‘I missed probably five notes. But my impression was that at that point my audition was over’ (Dorris, 13).

Outcome of the Story

            The outcome of the story is surprising. Auditions seem to career of the percussionists. It’s surprising that Tetreault is denied a chance to perfect his performance after missing the few notes during the live performance. He is haunted by being denied a chance to perfect what he has spent so much of his lifetime working for.

My experience relating to the events in the article

            As a poem reciter during music festivals in school, I experienced a similar situation just like Tetreault. During my recitation, I hesitated to pronounce a certain stanza within a time lapse of less than ten seconds. I was denied the chance to perfect what I have been practicing for the entire semester. The adjudicators’ decision lowered my self-esteem in poem recitation.

Mr. Rhodes Response

            According to Mr. Rhodes, doing what you have interest in and perfecting it would be an appropriate response. Mr. Rhodes has shown great interest in becoming a pianist since childhood contrary to what other people would expect from him. Developing and nurturing creativity will inspire someone to do what he has interest in since it will count in their lifetime even without fanfare, money and fame.

Work cited

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