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Homework Question on The Storm: Front line Documentary

  1. Write a 3 page on -PBS Front line Documentary, “The Storm” (double spaced) opinion paper on the film

Homework Answer on The Storm: Front line Documentary

The Storm PBS Front line documentary is an hour-long investigation that studies the reasons why both the federal and state government of America were unable to contain the Hurricane Katrina disaster that occurred at the Gulf Coast during the summer of 2005. Both state and federal governments were not only uncoordinated but also unprepared and overwhelmed by the disaster that affected approximately 92000 sq. miles and claimed over eighteen hundred lives (Heller 38). Furthermore, the Hurricane Katrina rendered thousands of people in New Orleans homeless without basic necessities. The Katrina disaster that evolved as a result of collapse of levees that protect cities built below the sea level grew into a chain of crises.

It resulted in persistent floods, evacuation problems, fatal pollution, numerous industrial disasters, destruction of crucial utility networks, transport concerns at the port, and uncertainties as to whether the city could eventually be restored.In fact, FEMA had predicted the Katrina hurricane disaster four years prior to its occurrence. FEMA had even ranked the New Orleans case as a critical disaster in United States but the government delayed in making the right decision to protect the city from the disaster.

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Weather forecasts indicated that there would be hurricanes hitting the New Orleans and some parts of coastal Mississippi. In fact, the weather forecast state department warned the residents that the levees could collapse and could cause catastrophic floods (Moynihan 572). The then president, George Bush, and Ray Nagin, the mayor from New Orleans, ordered voluntary evacuations after declaring a state of emergency. Residents were given time to Sunday,9:30 in the morning to evacuate to Superdome refugee camp.