Sample Medicine Science Paper On Fetal Circulation Poem

Homework Question on Fetal Circulation Poem

  • Create your own memorization tool for fetal circulation. It can be a poem, rap, song, haiku or pneumonic.
  • Make sure it is original. Include the path of blood flow, shunts, umbilical arteries and vein, and the placenta. Be creative.

Homework Answer on Fetal Circulation Poem

The circulatory system has a pivotal role in the human anatomy

It is also superior in the development of fetus

The exchange of blood, oxygen and nutrients occurs in this duct

Essential maintenance duties performed by this system cannot be overlooked

The efficiency and reliability of circulatory system to accommodate these body function

improves with the  growth of the fetus


Placenta plays a fundamental role in ensuring that the fetus is not starving

Nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the fetal tissues through this organ

The low-pressure oxygen supply through the mother’s veins are availed in the


The oxygenated supplied to the placenta gets reaches the inferior vena cava through the

umbilical vein

0.5 of the blood in the vena cava enters the liver and then to the upper trunk of the body

through ductus venosus

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The deoxygenated fetal blood is supplied to the placenta through the umbilical arteries

These arteries are two, one the right and left regions of the placenta

Heart creates the pumping mechanism that ensures the flow of blood, oxygen and

nutrients in the fetus

It is divided into two streams

On the right stream is crista dividens while the foramen ovale opens the left stream

Blood reaches the head and upper organs of the body through the aorta