Sample Medicine Research Paper on Medical Colleges in Gulf Cooperation Council

Medical Colleges in Gulf Cooperation Council

Arabian Gulf University (AGU) is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain and accredited by the Ministry of education. AGU accepts only GCC nationals.  AGU offers medicine (6 years: Year 1 is basic sciences, years 2 and 3 for medical sciences, and years 5 and 6 for clinical clerkship phases), nursing (4 and pharmacy (5 years). The fees is 8400BD with an annual increment of 5% (Arabian Gulf University 1).  AGU has accommodation that cost 65BD per month. The University has hostels available for its students. The number of students is 1,510 whereby 37% are postgraduate and 63% undergraduate (Arabian Gulf University 1). AGU meets international standards and its ranked 26 in the GCC. The graduation fees is between 300BD and 500DB.

The Oman Medical College is second largest in Oman and it’s affiliated to the West Virginia University (Oman Medical College 1). The courses take 7 years, although pharmacy takes more than 5 and half years. First year is for foundation courses, year 2 and 3 completed in Sohar campuses, while the rest is completed at the Rustaq. The university admits both local and international students undertaking pharmacy and Medicine (Oman Medical College 1). The university has an estimate of 1000 students for both undergraduate and post graduate courses. The fees for pharmacy and Medicine have not been provided and no scholarships offered. It has accommodation facilities to its students. Medicine takes five year, nursing 4 years, and pharmacy 4 1/2 + 35 Weeks of APPE.

 Gulf Medical University is located in UAE and admits both females and males of all nationalities and it has 722 students. The university has university accommodation facilities. Pharmacy takes more than 4 and half years, while bachelor of medicine takes 5 years (pharmacy 4 1/2 + 35 Weeks of APPE), all the pharmacy (AED 60,000), medicine (AED 120,000), and nursing costs range between AED 30,000 to AED 50,000 (Gulf Medical University 1). The hostels cost between AED 19, 000) to 28,000 per year.

 RAK Medical & Health Sciences University is purely a medical university that provides medicine, nursing, and pharmacy courses. Medicine takes 6 years (2 years of basic sciences), three years of training and clinical sciences, and one of internship. Nursing takes 4 years, while pharmacy takes four and half years. The university accommodates more than 1300 students both international and national levels (RAKMHSU 1). Across the board, the fees range from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000 per semester. RAK offers scholarship to some of the students with limited fees.

United Arab Emirates University is located in Abu Dhabi and its ranked top in UAE and fourth in GCC. Internationally, the university is ranked among top 50 under 50. Both local (75%) and international (25%) students are enrolled, whereby 6,696 live on the campus. The UAEU offers medicine only, and no nursing and pharmacy (United Arab Emirates University 1). The university provides scholarship to graduate courses only. The medicine course takes 6 years (2 years of basic sciences), three years of training and clinical sciences, and one of internship

 Dubai Medical College provides degrees in medicine in the UAE. The fee is 80,000 dhs per year (Dubai Medical College 1).  The university offers full scholarships for some of its new students. The university provides students with medical education to acquire a degree in medicine. The college provides medical training to women only, especially GCC and other nationalities. The Hostel accommodation for the students is available and costs 7,700-12,500 dhs per year (Dubai Medical College 1). 

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