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Homework Question on Laser in Medicine

  • Abstract You must provide a summary of the whole work in one paragraph. The length of the abstract should not exceed 100 words.
  • Background information about the subject.
  • The importance of the subject to the medical field.
  • What are the main points you want to discuss in this report.
  • Literature Review and Discussion In this section you must present your topic in details.
  • All claims and results must be supported by legitimate references. This section is the bulk of your report. -Conclusions Draw your own conclusions about the subject. It is important to know what YOU think of the subject matter.
  • Try to support your conclusion with facts
  • References Acceptable reference materials are from books, journals and internet databases.
  • You may not use a website URL as a reference, unless that website is from an academic institute or contains information that is backed up by acceptable references.

Homework Answer on Laser in Medicine


Lasers have been in utilized in dermatology for more than 50 years now due to their selective targeting of the ailing area within the human body. This study will focus on use of lasers in offering various diagnoses, treatments, and therapy. The inception of lasers in the twentieth century allowed clinicians to handle complex ailments that include vascular, pigmentary, cosmetic, as well as inflammatory problems.

Different types of microscopy have utilized lasers to observe human body functions without necessarily undergoing a surgery. However, understanding laser technology is fundamental for safety and comprehension of body functions.

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Laser medicine entails the use of lasers to provide medical diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. The laser light beam emanates from a secured source so that it does not create health risks to the patients as well as the medical team.In laser surgery and other treatments, laser light is used to eliminate diseased tissues, or in the treatment of bleeding blood vessels. Wrinkles, birthmarks, and tattoos can also be removed using laser surgery. Thus, lasers can be utilized to cure various medical problems due to their precision in focusing on the affected areas, in addition to protecting the users against health risks.