Sample Medicine Essays On The 2010 Affordable Care Act

Homework Question on The 2010 Affordable Care Act

  • Answer the following questions:
  1. Identify and discuss one rule, law, or policy that you believe might improve health care more than any other.
  2. Be specific in citing the law/policy/rule.
  3. Identify the source of the law.
  4. Provide an example of how the laws work and make health care less than optimal.

Homework Answer on The 2010 Affordable Care Act

The 2010 Affordable Care Act was signed by President Obama in a bid to ensure that the healthcare is transformed to contain cost, bettering healthcare for the American people. This was after it was passed by the house of senate (Joyce, 2011). The act’s federal provisions were made to amplify consumer protections, accentuate prevention and well being, improve quality as well as system delivery, broaden the healthcare staffing and curtail the escalating expenses on healthcare.

The healthcare organizations have legal responsibilities as well as inherent liabilities in their line of duty.  The 2010 affordable Care act contains two parts: the Patient protection and affordable Act as well as the Healthcare and Education Reconciliation Act (Holder and Josephson, 2014).The affordable care act aims at escalating the quality along with the accessibility to health insurances. In addition, it objectively lessens the rates of the populace that has not been insured by broadening public and private insurance covers.

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The act overhauls the health care costs by reducing the expenses incurred on healthcare by entities such as persons and government.  It is worth noting that this Act does not normalize health care but standardizes health insurances, and works at ending any mal-practices that may arise as the industry gulps for profits. In a bid to increase accessibility to healthcare, strategies such as directives, subventions and insurance exchanges were put in place.