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Homework Question on Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Health Information Systems

  1. Explain the threats to patient information and confidentiality that are present in your selected organization. Be sure to link them with regulations (e.g., HIPAA and Wi-Fi security).
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Homework Answer on Privacy and Security Concerns Regarding Health Information System

Patient information is essential during treatment and thus should be protected as much as possible. Exposing such data may not only affect their treatment but may be fatal in the wrong hands. The steadily transforming technology challenges the capability of maintaining patient information. Information stored in devices like tablet computers used by physicians, or mobile phones may be at risk of malice by unauthorized persons.

Healthcare Information Systems (HISs) serve to protect the information of patient, thus buttressing their confidence in visiting health care institutions. Nonetheless, HISs is not invincible as they too suffer the risk of security and privacy concerns (Watfa 56). The most worrying of these concerns are the flaws in confidentiality laws and technological threats.

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Bailey Medical Center in Owasso, Oklahoma utilizes varied forms of HISs in hospital management. The institution is renowned for the best technological systems in the region. One such example of the system is the Electronic Health Record that manages patient and physician information. Solely one individual who ensures the security of the constituent information controls the systems (Wager et al 34). The hospital too has computerized order entry systems to facilitate the order of medicine as well as subscriptions.