Sample Medical Sciences Paper On Policy analysis Of Life Expectancy

Homework Question on Policy analysis Of Life Expectancy

  • Write a paper of 1-2 pages analyzing one of the policy debates listed below.
  • Analyze a policy issue and take a position on the issue (pro or con) based on the evidence.
  • The evidence can come from your textbook and from outside sources like newspaper and magazine articles and professional journals.
  •  The search engines Google Scholar, JSTOR and MEDLINE are good sources for professional articles in gerontology and sociology.
  • Be sure to site your sources.
  1. Your paper should include an introductory paragraph stating the main issue and briefly describe the two sides of the issue. End the paragraph with a statement of your position on the issue.
  2. Life expectancy has been increasing over the past century and many people are living well into their 80s and beyond. Should the driving of older people be restricted? If so, what type of restrictions should be put in place?

Homework Answer on Policy analysis Of Life Expectancy

According to statistics, Americans life expectancy is on the rise. As such, American citizens are now living longer mainly due to the decline of mortality rates. According to Copelend (p1), America’s life expectancy is considered to have recorded a high in 2012. This means that the more that Americans are able to work longer considering the rise in life expectancy levels. In this respect, setting upper age limits for people want to hold high positions is a contentious matter.

Considering life expectancy levels and democratic principles governed by most developed countries like the United States, setting an upper age limit would seem discriminatory. Anybody seeking high stakes in public offices such as the presidency should not be denied the chance. Such positions should be based on a candidate’s capability to promote economic prosperity, peace, security and fundamental human rights among others. As such, age does not come into consideration when seeking high profile posts.

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On the other hand, upper age limit has elicited from various sectors. According to Navarrette (p1), some American citizens have questioned whether Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is too old to become America’s next president. This is because old age is associated with most health concerns such as heart attacks or respiratory complications among others. As such, it would be difficult for old people to deal with issues like terror threats which are essential for a country’s growth (Navarrette, p1).