Sample Medical Sciences Essays On Role of Sodium in Pain Management

Homework Question on Role of Sodium in Pain Management

  1. Please write an essay about the role of Na channels in pain management.
  2. The mechanism of action of Na channel in pain and the types variations .
  3. Write about the genetic mutation found in group of people in one country( i think its Pakistan) that made them dont feel pain because of the loss of Na channels.
  4. Mention any therapeutic agents that are under investigation.

Homework Answer on Role of Sodium in Pain Management


Chronic pain has attracted a lot of attention from the medical field, especially among biomedical researchers. This is because pain is a very popular pathophysiological condition (Levinson, Luo & Henry, 2012). Pathological pain is due to prolonged and inappropriate amplification of pain, or if a suitable external stimuli is lacking (Dib-Hajj, Cummins, Black & Waxman, 2010). Rogers et al. (2006) note that sodium channels are actively involved in transmitting neuropathic and nociceptive pain messages.

According to Cummins, Sheets and Waxman (2007), nociceptors act as the origin of pain sensations. Nociception refers to a system that facilitates the physiological perception of pain. They act by transmitting information regarding “noxious stimuli from the periphery to the central nervous system” (Cummins et al., 2007, p. 243).  Voltage-gated ion channels are vital in establishing the excitability of neurons.

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In responding to pain, nociceptors according to Dib-Hajj et al (2010), “are encoded by action potentials, whose genesis and propagation are dependent on voltage-gated sodium channels” (p. 326).  Inherited sodium channelopathies and atypical patterns of expression as exhibited by sodium channels are also consistently linked to inflammatory and neuropathic pain.