Sample Medical Sciences Essays On Health Statistics

Homework Question on Health Statistics

  1. Pick a country and research the rates of heart disease, smoking, ulcers, stress, life span or other health-related issues and compare those statistics to United States. Choose a country that is affluent by world standards.
  • Then a 1-2 page paper explaining which countries are the healthiest and why  believe this to be so.
  • I recommend that you use for ease of comparing one country to the other.

Homework Answer on Health Statistics

United Kingdom is affluent by world standards. The kinds of health problems faced in the country are almost similar to those faced in the United States.  Obesity in the United Kingdom is at 23% of the population while at the United States it stands at 30.6% of the population (Knight-Davis, par 4). This indicates that the dietary tendencies of people in United States are poor compared to those in the United Kingdom.

The percentage of smokers in the United Kingdom is 26% while in the United States it is 17.5% (Knight-Davis, par 7). This suggests that people in the United States are more cautious of health problems emanating from smoking. The high number of smokers in the United Kingdom will in future contribute to a higher death rate from lung cancer.  The number of people dying from cancer in the United States is 321. 9 per every 100, 000 people while in the United Kingdom it is 253.5 deaths per every 100, 000 people (Knight-Davis, par 10).

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This high rate shows that United States has a lifestyle issue that is resulting in high numbers of deaths as a result of cancer. United Kingdom rates are less but are also likely to increase especially due to the high percentage of smokers in the country.The above statistics indicate that the United Kingdom is relatively healthier as compared to the United States. The difference is small because of similarities in lifestyle between the two countries.