Sample Medical Science Essay Paper on Personal Statement – Bachelors in Dental Materials

            To me, dentistry is not just about providing the best dental advice and services to my patients and training dental students. It also encompasses using the best technologies and innovations to offer high-quality services to patients and interacting with patients and students effectively. I believe dentistry as a practice thrives when technologies and innovations and interactions converge out of necessity and determination for success and improved service delivery. It is from such convergence that dentists can accumulate knowledge and develop a greater understanding of dental problems and create a working synergy not only with colleagues but also with their patients. As a practicing dentist who is dedicated to expanding my knowledge base through furthering education and sharing the same with my students, these are valuable lessons that I have learned and I intended to continue incorporating in my practice. I believe a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Materials in your highly repeatable learning institution will set me on the right path towards expanding my horizon while also taking me ever closer to achieving the mentioned dream.

            Recent years have cemented my belief that better technologies and greater interactions are critical in improving service delivery not only in dental practice but the medical practice in general. Since 2016, I have served as a teacher and trainer for dental assistant students at Prince Sultan College of Health Sciences in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. My time at the college’s Department of Dental and Oral Health has been an eye-opener. My interaction with the learners and staff of the college has enabled me to identify knowledge gaps in dental practice in my country and the role that greater adoption of technology and innovations can play in plugging these gaps and promoting excellent services.

            I also double up as a Senior Dental Assistant at the college, a role which I took up in 2013. Coupled with the several years, I spent working at King Abdul-Aziz Air Base’s Dental Department, and as an intern in three separate medical facilities in my country, I have gained significant experience and knowledge on dental practice. My experiences as an intern and dental practitioner across various medical facilities in my country have pushed my resolve to improve my knowledge in my profession. I believe that pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at your university will propel me to greater career heights and equip me with the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to serve my patients effectively and mold future dentists and dental assistants through role modeling, teaching, and training.

            My education diploma has set me on the right path to advancing my education in dentistry. I graduated from the College of Health Sciences in 2008 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a Diploma of Dental Assistant certificate. I was among the top students in my class with a GPA of 4.34 out of 5. During my diploma studies, I learned about dental materials which I have a strong desire to explore further, including the emerging innovative ideas and technologies behind such materials. I am also fluent in spoken and written English in addition to my native Arabic after taking a High Advanced ESL Diploma from St. Mary University, San Antonio, Texas, in 2010. I also understand that computing technology is critical to successful learning in the modern day environment. I have, therefore, developed my computer skills, especially when it comes to the use of the Internet and basic Microsoft Office packages such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which I believe are essential for learning in today’s technology-driven learning environment. Over the years, I have also developed excellent communication and practical skills, particularly when it comes to my dental practice and teaching job. My keen interest in learning new skills has also played a vital role in my desire to further my education at your institution.   

Throughout my career, I have also engaged in various activities related to my practice, including participating in administrative quality management, dental materials, and endodontics workshops and symposium. These platforms have presented me with unique opportunities to share ideas with others within the industry while also fueling my passion for further exploring new and emerging ideas in dentistry especially when it comes to dental materials.   

I intend to become an expert in dental materials and other related fields, and I believe your learning institution best suits my personal and career needs. Your programs are tailor-made to mold learners into experts in their fields of interest by fostering an environment of collaboration and networking. The programs are suited for individuals across all societies and cultures which make your learning institution one of the best. I believe a chance to study at your university will move me a step closer to becoming a specialist in dental materials and transform my community and dental practice in my country.

I look forward to your correspondence and positive consideration of my request to further my career at your highly acclaimed learning institution.