Sample Medical Science Essay Paper on My Sisters Keeper

My Sisters Keeper

Plot Summary

            The movie “My Sisters Keeper” involves a young girl called Anna who seeks medical liberty from her parents in order not to donate her kidney. Anna’s life was made possible through a process known as vitro-fertilization for the sole purpose of saving her sister Kate who has Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL).  Vitro conception method was used since it is capable of providing genetic matches for siblings and making it possible to donate body organs. Consequentially, Anna cannot live her life fully since she constantly attends medical checkups making her unable to participate in activities such as soccer and cheerleading. She decides to hire a lawyer “Alec” who gives her the liberty after her sister’s death.

APL Description

            APL is a condition that affects the bone marrow due to excess immature cells known as promyelocytes or the deficiency of bloods cells in myeloid lines (MedicineNet, 2017). It is considered as mainly linked to chromosome translocations normally symbolized by “t (15; 17)” classification system (Kotiah, 2015). Additionally, arrests caused by leukocyte differentiation in promyelocyte stages leads to this disease (Kotiah, 2015). In essence, promyelocyte overgrowth leads to red and white blood cells deficiency in the blood system, which eventually results to APL condition. Some of the signs and symptoms include nose bleeds, fatigue, and minor infections.   

Application in athlete training

            Considering the fact that APL affects the bone marrow, athletes are susceptible to this condition since they commonly suffer from minor injuries and get bruises during training. Such injuries affect joints and may lead to blood clotting. As such, athletes should not ignore bruises and should always seek medical tests for APL.


            ATRA (All-Trans Retinoic Acid) is the most common form of treatment (Kotiah, 2015). This method activates retinoid receptors causing promyelocytes to mature eventually preventing them from multiplying (MedicineNet, 2017). A combination of chemotherapy, ATRA, and the use of anthracycline drug are effective and reduces relapse incidences.


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