Sample Medical Ethics Term Paper Summary

Medical Ethics

In the recent years, there have been advances in medical technology that have led to various changes in the medical field. For instance, some diseases that were deemed incurable in the former times have now found medication due to constant engagement in research and development efforts in the medical field. In addition to this, the research has also led to the emergence of medical experts in various sectors such as pediatric care and neurosurgery. Because of this, medical facilities have developed policies for the reception of medical services. For instance, in Mexico, there are some facilities where children and adults are barred from receiving treatment in case they do not have medical insurance regardless of their conditions (American Academy of Medical Physicians, 2008). The change in policies has led to the raising of pertinent questions concerning what is morally acceptable and what is not in the medical cycles.

Ethical considerations in the delivery of medical services should be made based on the ethical code of conduct for medical practitioners. The code upholds the dignity of all humans and explains that the interest of patients should be placed above all else. In addition to this, ethical medical conduct is also aimed at achieving the key objective of alleviating human suffering. Medical ethics improves communication among all the practitioners which helps to improve accountability in the medical services provision (Young et al., 2013).

Other benefits of practicing medical ethics include facilitation of medical care support by the public, and increased accountability. The reactions of a Mexican hospital in the treatment of a child with a chronic condition indicate ethical practice. By communicating to the parent the reasons why services would not be provided, the Child’s mother was placed in a better position to make the decision for transferring him to another hospital.


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