Sample Medica Science Admission Essay on PHARMACY (PHARMD PROGRAM ESSAY)


Pharmacy is a dynamic field in modern society. The most captivating factor about pharmacy is the extensive openings and opportunities yet to be exploited. Given these openings, an extension of my pharmacy career to a doctorate level will definitely be of great value at a personal level and the societal level too. Studying pharmacy to this level has not been pushed by my desire to get employment only, but rather this has been a personal call since my early years of existence. This was greatly attached to my longest desire to be at the service of others specifically in seeing to it that their health is moved to a better level. Additionally, my desire to have a doctorate in pharmacy has also been boosted by my urge to be well knowledgeable about several health care aspects and have the capacity to have a full command in my career dream.

I have undertaken pharmacy studies in all my past academic studies as my profession to a post graduate level. In all these stages, I must say that I have a rich background in the field. The most inspiring area has been studying the composition of human bodies especially biologically and chemically. There are numerous developments in our bodies that take place inside our bodies. With all these, I still have a passion to go ahead and learn even more about a number of medicines and drugs and their reaction with human bodies. This will be of great help too in the application aspect of my career in administering the same over several people in order to improve their health.

Having a solid foundation and rich knowledge in pharmacy at this stage is has also been motivated by my great desire to assist members of the society who are ailing in different forms health wise. This is a personal calling that has always rooted in my character to help those who are in need. Given my experience and skills so far, it is vividly clear that this is the main objective of all people who are in this profession. My personal experience whenever I get attended to by several pharmacists in their line of profession especially the clear guidelines they offer has also enhanced my desire to get deeper pharmacy. This practically motivates several people and gives them a reason to feel being cared for and assisted. Being part of this team requires a strong desire and expertise. That is why my desire to get a strong solid education in pharmacy is still fresh and the need growing each moment of my lifetime. The qualifications I have at the moment are quite helpful and important despite several challenges but I still feel the need to get deeper and deeper.

With a doctorate qualification in pharmacy, I shall have an extensive opportunity to be able to integrate my studies and career goal through several means that are available at my disposal. This shall be driven by my passion too that will help me to be at peace in executing services to the society and the world at large.

Academically I have always achieved the best and also served in my different capacities to the best of my ability. Attaining this qualification in pharmacy will both develop me personally and in my career which will be vital also to the society. I would therefore feel gratified to secure a chance in your institution in order to see to it that my career and desire come true for the service of the society. Given my record of accomplishment so far, I ‘am sure of being one of the most competitive candidates for you and will always be at the top of your expectation and standards.