Sample Marketing Term Paper on Internship Experience

Internship Experience

The best platform through which a person can successfully launch their career is through spending some of their time in internship. The internship experience not only sharpens the skills of an individual in their profession, but also provides them with the necessary skills and experience that they can use to navigate through the work environment. Therefore, internship equips an individual with a competitive advantage in their future employment career. I decided to do my internship at The New York Center an organization that was previously known as My role in the company was externship and in the marketing department. The company is small in size with only 3 workers and a manager. The size of the company made it easy for everyone to know each other while working towards meeting organizational goals. Through proper communication and understanding between the management and the workers, my internship experience was highly educative and with great value.

As a marketer, my role in the company was to ensure careful crafting of an effective marketing strategy that would create awareness of the organization’s products across the United States. Since this is a South Korean Company, marketing is an important strategy that helps firms to focus on remaining competitive in the market. However, my role as an intern did not depend solely on marketing. I was to do a combination of roles which comprised both administrative and substantive duties. For instance, I had to plan for the activities which would be held in the company for the day by allocating each employ some duties. In addition, I was tasked to write reports for the firm’s daily performance while undertaking0 intensive research on the market to come up with the best strategies that the company could employ to improve its performance. Regardless of these massive duties that I was allocated, without any pay, I was still glad that I got a chance to do my internship at New York Center organization.

It was easy for me to obtain information that I used to create a marketing strategy for the company. This is because some of the employees’ included going out to on the field to gather information, which was then shared with the marketing department. The office setup made it easy to acquire information from any of the computers, as the only thing needed was a password. With adequate information, it was easy for me to learn about the consumer tastes and preferences, and come up with a marketing strategy that would capture their attention, persuading them to try our products. On the other hand, the unity between the employees was professional. Though some of the employees were from South Korea, there was no form of discrimination among us, which promoted unity and also motivated employees to continue working hard and caring for one another.

 I managed to gain experience from the internship attachment apart from marketing skills. For instance, I learnt the aspects of performing or working in a professional manner, whereby consumers and employees are involved. At the same time, my communication skills greatly improved because of the field of marketing that I was focusing more attention on while in the company. I also learnt that my confidence levels also improved. I became more responsible as I accomplished all my duties as assigned to me on a daily basis.