Sample Marketing Research Paper on Media Communication

Media Communication

Different medium of communication utilizes diverse strategies to pass information to consumers. These techniques vary from one medium to the other depending on the speed of interaction and relationship between users. Lafleur Trading Company has been in the industry of food and drinks supply for over twenty years. It started its operations in the year 1975 and has supplied food in more than twenty countries in the globe. It has partnered with other organizations to help deliver the goods to the consumer’s designated areas. Some of the countries that the organization has fully established its operations include Sweden, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, Peru, India, Japan and china. The organization vets its supply’s firms to eliminate unscrupulous traders.

The products offered ranges from drinks to food as well as flavors. An example of food includes lobster, swordfish, oysters, parmesan, and Oka, Muenster, mozzarella and provolone delicacy. The main goal of Lafleur is to deliver products that meet the standard and quality outlined by government and consumer federations at an affordable price. Therefore, the organization has mastered the art of offering affordable prices to consumers and quality products. This virtual company can be located through diverse media platforms such as prints, television and social media. The media selected for this assignment includes websites, social platforms and newspaper prints.

Website contact includes:

  1. Smith Consulting Website Designer:
    Kevin Eddy
  2. Lafleur Trading Company
    Pandora St. and Salsbury Dr.
    Vancouver, BC V5L 1L5 Canada

  • Kevin Eddy

The print media contacts used are:

  • The Wall Street Journal


Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


  • Zenith International Ltd

Duane Stanford

The social site utilized is as follows:

  • Hoover’s Inc.

504 S Knoll Ave
Bunkie, LA, 71322 United States

Dun & Bradstreet Company

  • Facebook 

Robert Horton

  • Twitter

Kali Ford


Compare the Communication Techniques

There are many options to choose from when communicating with a virtue industry/ company. This is because of the nature of business and lack of physical offices where operations are carried out. A virtual industry operates through social/internet sites to reach out to the consumers. Consumers order and pay for the goods through online platforms.  The company delivers the ordered items within the stipulated period. Therefore, consumers need to have access to these sites so as to make a deal with the organization. Each media demands a diverse form of communication as outlined below.

 The first media is website which utilizes internet/network for communication. In order to build a relationship with a company through the website, I would ensure that I sign up on the company site. I will constantly visit the website and engage customer service personnels by enquiring about the products and services offered. Though the actions, I will be able to build a close relationship. In the event new products are introduced, the company can always update me through the email or utilize contact details provided during signing up (Kevin Eddy, 2014).

 The second platform is print media which includes the journals and newspapers. This means that the organization applies print media to advertise its products. The contact details provided on these documents help an individual communicate with the firms. If I have an issue with the firm, I can always contact them through email or a phone call. However, the print media, acting as a medium of communication renders the endeavor ineffective. This is because a client has to go through the media, in some cases, to be connected to the reporter. In addition, reporters may not have adequate knowledge about the company.

The last media is social media which is more effective than other communication techniques. The reason behind this is that social media enables real time communication between members. Moreover, I will follow the company through twitter and Facebook. I will be able to comment and share my views on the organization posts. Direct conversation with the company is possible through these platforms. The posts may include features such as images and videos that demonstrate the particulars of a product or event. On my part, I will utilize Facebook to reach out to the organization and develop a strong relationship. On the other hand, the organization can directly pass out messages direct to its followers.  If a member has an inquiry to make, he or she is directly addressed by the entity (Hoover’s Inc., 2016).

Key Communication Trends in the Media

Trends in communication industry have been triggered by efficiency and effectiveness. In consideration to effectiveness, a communication channel that engages users on real time basis facilitate interaction hence leads to higher satisfaction. The latest technologies introduced in this area influence my decision in adopting the best technique (WILL LYONS, 2015). Speed is a central factor in the determination of the technique to apply. This is because consumers attain satisfaction through timely feedback from the organization. Another trend is customer involvement. This involvement incorporates features such as customer care services and commentaries.

Customer care services personnel’s consult consumers through conducting surveys when strengthening the delivery system. Furthermore, it encourages the management to evaluate the efficiency of the system used. This means that consumers will be in a position to comment or critic the firm upon dissatisfaction. The organization on its side will use this information to improve their services so that they can meet the customer’s specific needs and wants.

In conclusion, technology has changed the way things used to be done by firms as well as consumers. People are able to compare prices for different products sold by different companies through the internet. Therefore, they make purchasing decision using internet data. A lot of time and money is saved when people use internet platforms to carry out routine jobs such as shopping and enquiring from the dealers. To face competition, Lafleur ensures that all its products are offered at the lowest prices possible. This helps the supply chain organization to penetrate some of the markets that are highly competitive due to the high presence of rival companies.

However, the virtual firm has increased its outsourcing initiative for communication duties. This sees the delay of information and feedback that is essential for the development of the entire firm. By doing this, the organization reduced pressure in carrying out communication activities as well as rendering feedback. Some advantages of the endeavor to the organization include concentration of strategic plan and strengthening its services. Contractors must therefore act with ethics and treat customers with dignity to avoid conflict. In the event conflict arises between agency and consumers, the organization is deemed to suffer losses culminating from reduced sales.


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