Sample Marketing Papers On Menu Planning and Product Development

Homework Question on Menu Planning and Product Development

  1. TASK C: Produce a research report presenting your findings relate to a new food service concept.
    a) Create and access a new food concept including justification of your choice, customer requirements research and recommendations to launch the new concept.
  2. TASK D: Self-evaluation
    b) Write a review of your own performance with suggestions for improvements regarding the creation and assessment of a new food concept.

Homework Answer on Menu Planning and Product Development


Notably, in any viable organization, customers are the primary determiners of a product’s success that mostly depends on the categorization of critical aspect of the particular product in the market. Developed products should, therefore, have a competitive edge over similar products to allow manufacturers make profits for business expansion and provision of incentives to the workers (Mcvety, Ware & Ware, 2009). Notably, product concepts integrate the processes of product design, specifications, and growth to produce menus that can attract a significant number of customers into the business.

Food and beverage companies encompass the production and packaging processes as a unit to reduce poisoning and wastages of raw materials. However, industries that manufacture using sophisticated machines and equipment differentiate packaging and processing stages to reduce forgery and loss of crucial product information to the competitor’s and hackers (Mcvety, Ware & Ware, 2009).

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Equally, menu planning in the hotel industry requires cooperation between the producers and buyers in the market to allow appropriate understanding and provision of goods and services. The communication methods among players in the market are also essential for product reviews, thus offering opportunities for product improvement. The hotel industry’s enterprises such as Hilton thrive on the provision of quality services with well-defined menus at appropriate prices to targeted customers.