Sample Marketing Papers On Business Exhibitions

Homework Question on Business Exhibitions

  • Case Studies and Research For this assessment item you will need Internet access to research the following:  America –
  • Identify the issues that an exhibitor would need to consider when deciding to participate or not.
  1. Identify six (6) items a potential exhibitor would need on their action plan when organising themselves for this event.
  2. Who is the target market for this event?
  3. What type of reports does this event provide following the exhibition?
  4. As an exhibitor, identify what you would need to include in your postevent report.
  5. Does EIBTM use sustainability as a marketing tool?
  6. Evaluate this event’s approach to technology by reviewing the ‘Technology and Event Services Village’
  7. Describe how you would establish and conduct positive relationships with industry during this event.

Homework Answer on Business Exhibitions


IBTM America is a place where buyers meet sellers; meetings, events are organized that bring together the decision makers of the different business industries and the industry stakeholders that ensure discussion of business ventures. They believe that everything is possible with connections.

Question 1

Before an exhibitor decides to participate, there are a number of issues that must be taken into consideration. Exhibition is an investment and therefore a return on investment is very important. Issues include location and accessibility, this is to ensure that the location is convenient and near transport networks, if the location is not convenient the attendance might be very low.

Second, the room capacity where the meeting is to be conducted, when the capacity is big the participants will be more. This will also determine whether there is enough room for networking and social interaction. Third, the communication devices and technologies like the microphone must to the maximum quality i.e. quality above board and reliable. For meetings, décor is another issue to be taken into consideration; the space should be clean and well furnished. Considerations will also take on the staff; the organizers must be intelligent and top notch sales service. Homework Help

Question 2

Before actually doing the exhibition, the exhibitor must have certain items or agenda on the action plan. These include having a clear goal stated in the plan, a standard that will be used to measure the success or failure of the meeting, the issues and tasks that are necessary to accomplish the stated goal, appropriate detailed agenda that is articulated with other written materials. Other items include background research of what is expected and can be achieved and a sketch of the meeting location, room and seating that is in line with your goals.