Sample Marketing Paper on Strategic Management of Walmart

A case analysis is required on the following company: Walmart

The following are required in the report:

1) A brief introduction of the company and its history. (No more than 100 words).

2) Conduct a strategic analysis on the company. This is to include the following:
a) Company’s strategic mission, vision, values, and goals.
b) Porter’s 5 Force Analysis
c) Value Chain Analysis (including primary and secondary activities)
d) PESTLE Analysis
e) SWOT Analysis

3) Contingency Framework – (for example, when to use related diversification versus unrelated diversification)

4) Financial Ratio Analysis
a) Current and Quick Ratio
b) total debt ratio
c) debt to equity ratio
d) Inventory Turnover ratio
e) Profit margin
f) Return on Equity
g) Price earnings ratio
* each of the above financial ratios must show calculations and a brief analysis of the ratio – determine whether the ratio is favorable or not as compared to the industry.

5) Strategic Problem – Based on the analysis conducted in parts 2, 3 and 4, identify one clear and apparent strategic problem. The identified problem must be clearly stated using IN-DEPTH analysis. This should also include if the company is working towards achieving their strategic vision, mission, and goals.

6) Propose Alternative Solutions: For each of the identified problems, propose alternative solutions. List all possible solutions and evaluate all alternatives. The solutions must consider the following questions:
a) can the company afford it?
b) how will the competitors respond?
c) Will employees accept the change?
d) How will it affect other stakeholders?
e) How do the solutions fit the mission, vision, and goals?
f) Will the culture or values change?

7) Recommendations
a) make a set of recommendations based on the analysis
b) describe exactly what should be done
c) explain why the course of action will solve the problem
d) indicate how to best implement the proposed solution
e) solution must solve the problem identified

8) Conclusion (write a brief conclusion of no more than 100 words)

The report must include a cover page, table of contents, and appendix for any additional information. References must all be academic references.