Sample Marketing Paper on Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

The use of social media by various companies to market their products affects individual awareness of the firm’s brand. As such, to create the presence of Olay merchandises in the market, Facebook will be used as the corporate’s marketing technique because social media allows its users to exchange and share information on the internet, which increases the need and desire to buy a commodity (Hajli, 2014). The technique not only promotes brand popularity but also offers respective values among its users, which has a positive effect on trust.

Resources Required to Implement the Technique

Website Development

Direct ExpenseIndirect Expense
Consultation fees for website developmentEvaluation time of the website design by the marketing directors

Creation of the Facebook page

Direct ExpensesIndirect Expenses
Fees for social media managersAssessment time of the marketing directors

Marketing Campaign

Direct costsIndirect costs
Costs for advertisement to interact with clients, hence, creation of awareness of the firm’s Facebook pageInternet costs

Ways of Measuring the Success of the Technique

The company will determine its level of engagement with the clients by checking the number of shares, comments, and replies on a given post. The metrics will help in understanding the degree of product awareness among the consumers.

Public Relations

The company will use public relations to promote its new product since the technique is effective in launching unknown commodities in the market since it tends to be more persuasive (Papasolomou, Thrassou, Vrontis & Sabova, 2014). Furthermore, the method help in building customer interest, influences the targeted market segment, and safeguards a product that is experiencing a public problem.

Resources Required to Implement the Technique

Media Campaign Creation

Direct costsIndirect costs
Costs of advertisement to interact with clientsUtility costs such as fuel

Advertorials Development

Direct costsIndirect costs
Consultation fees for advert developersMeeting and evaluation time for marketing managers and Executive Team to approve the adverts

Website Development

Direct costsIndirect costs
Consultation costs for website designMeeting and evaluation time for marketing managers and Executive Team to approve the website design

Ways of Measuring the Success of the Technique

The company will track the number of press clippings that offer information about firm products, as a way of determining the success of public relations (Macnamara, 2014). Furthermore, the syndicate will measure the amount of traffic to its websites and referrals by other clients to determine the level of engagement. 

Additional Marketing Techniques

The company will further involve the use of electronic techniques such as Twitter and YouTube to promote its products since the platforms allow the sharing of information among its users.


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