Sample Marketing Paper On Rhetoric Used in Advertising Alcohol

Homework Question on Rhetoric Used in Advertising Alcohol to Young People

What is the rhetoric used in advertising alcohol to young people?

Homework Answer on Rhetoric Used in Advertising Alcohol to Young People


Rhetoric is defined as an art that speakers and writers employ in persuading their audience (Tomasello 6). It is usually associated with arguments that arouse the imagery perspective of the audience and in most instances make the audience concur with the writer’s arguments. Rhetoric is mainly used when the speaker or the author intends to create an impression that will manipulate the readers thinking through word ornamentation in the written piece.This concept follows the basic building blocks of logos, ethos, and, pathos which implies that a rhetoric text should appeal to the logical, emotional, and ethical aspects of the targeted audience (Tomasello 12).

Actually, the speaker should pay a special attention to the intended audience for a certain message. In this context, rhetoric in advertising has been employed overly by creative directors since the 19th century to persuade consumers to use their products.

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Alexandra, Kenyon and Hutchinson assert that creative directors employ an array of rhetoric figures in advertising alcohol due to the number of restrictions and regulations for commercializing alcohol (594). Multifarious advertisements tend to attract more attention and play a significant role in promoting the sale of a product. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stated that alcohol advertising does not necessarily increase consumption, but the market share influences the demand. This is because alcohol is a mature product that has been in existence for a while and has appealed to a considerable number of customers.