Sample Marketing Paper On Living Conditions and Leisure

Homework Question on Living Conditions and Leisure

  • Write an essay on:
  1. A. Diet and nutrition
  2. B. Housing and clothing
  3. C. Recreation as point and it is going to be about Japan too

Homework Answer on Living Conditions and Leisure

Diet and nutrition play a crucial role in determining our social life as well as our relationship with other people. Good nutrition and diet enables us to stay healthy and active otherwise poor eating methods impair our lifestyle and reduce the chances of having proper leisure. Proper and healthy diet keeps the mind active while poor diet such as the risk of inactivity, too much alcohol, sitting too much and excessive use of drugs usually derails the mind depriving one good leisure management. Japan diet and nutrition index promotes healthy living conditions and procedural leisure management.

Japan has a higher worldwide performance in housing. Housing is a key determinant of the living conditions. Densely populated regions inhabitants tend to have poor living standards and usually do not have better time for leisure. Though most Japanese live a lavish life, some of them live in overcrowded areas, which affect their physical and mental health depriving them leisure (Nishihara 132). Clothing too determines the standard of living condition as well as leisure.

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Fashion is a key phenomenon that measures the standard of living especially the social aspect. For instance, classical and modern attires have better living conditions than just some outdated fashion.Recreation is the activity done to refresh one’s mind from the daily chores such as business, house duties, and other form of commitments. Recreation forms the greatest part in leisure management and as well, it is a measure of living conditions of people.