Sample Marketing Paper on How Innovativeness can be Incorporated into both TAM and UTAUT in the Case of ‘Golf App’

Please add total 7pages in the paper based on the below reviewer feedback.

Please add 7 pages in Ch1, 2, 5. Do not add texts in the Ch3 and 4 which are methodology and statistical finding section.

<Reviewer feedback>

  1. Literature review – The discussion and application of TAM and UTAUT on Golf App is clear. However, there is a need to outline the components of TAM and UTAUT. This will improve understanding, especially for readers without knowledge of TAM and UTAUT. Much more need to be explained about word of mouth (half page)


  1. The authors should explain the full form of TAM and UTAUT and briefly describe these theories and their relevance to the study. This is particularly important for readers unfamiliar with these concepts and may have difficulty understanding the paper. (1page)


  1. Additionally, the authors should consider providing a brief overview of the key concepts and variables associated with these theories, such as perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and social influence, to ensure that readers clearly understand the theoretical framework used in the study. (1page)


  1. The authors should clearly articulate the motivation for conducting this study and explain why it is essential and relevant in the golf industry and technology adoption context. Additionally, the author should provide a straightforward research question or hypothesis reflecting the research gap or problem this study aims to address. A strong motivation and precise research question can help readers understand the significance and relevance of the study and can also help guide the research design and analysis. (1page)


  1. The author should justify the choice of the Golf App as the context of the study and provide a rationale for why this App is relevant and essential in the golf industry. Furthermore, the author should explain how the findings of the study can benefit the developers and marketers of the Golf App in terms of improving its adoption and usage. (1page)
  2. The author should clearly define the constructs of consumer innovativeness, TAM, UTAUT, and behavioral intentions in the context of the Golf App to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation. Additionally, it would be helpful to provide a conceptual framework or model that illustrates the relationships between these constructs. (1page)


  1. The authors should provide a comprehensive and clear conclusion summarizing the study’s main findings and contributions. It should address the research question or hypothesis and provide insights into the implications and practical applications of the study. Additionally, the authors should highlight the study’s limitations and provide recommendations for future research. A well-written conclusion can give closure to the paper and leave a lasting impression on the reader. (1.5 page)