Sample Marketing Paper On Ethical Business Decisions

Homework Question on Ethical Business Decisions

  • Business Ethics is an important topic in organizations today.
  1. What ethical business decisions have you seen made in your firm? Give an example of how this decision affected the company and its customers.
  2. If you have not seen specific examples of ethics in your company, then comment on your previous working experience or from this week’s readings or use a current event that we would all be familiar with.
  3. Remember that we practice good as well as bad Business ethics. The bad practices are more entertaining but it’s always nice to hear positivity too.
  • REMEMBER, WE’RE TALKING ETHICS – NOT JUST ANY BUSINESS DECISION. Be sure to read my comments because if your example is related to ethics and not Business Ethics I will ask you to send another.

Homework Answer on Ethical Business Decisions

Business ethics is an important aspect for any business entity that aspires to offer goods and services to the general public. Travelle is an internet resource company that deals with information sourcing for women travelers. One of the ethical decision made by the company involved the act of targeting influential people in the society by following their acts and daily life activities through their blogs. This is aimed at creating indirect rivalry in the market. It uses their influential status to attack other businesses that offer the same product in the industry.

The company management also opted for a low labor structured organization where the company founder is engaged as a dynamic member of the management. It ensures that the company operates at the least costs. This gives a comparative advantage to the company in the market and industry as a whole. In addition, this denies capable employees an opportunity to get employment opportunity an action that reduces the chances for the business to develop and grow in the future.

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Thus, these decisions insinuate that the company is extremely engaging in unfair competition with other firms in the market. This kind of an act is legal and concerns business ethical issues.It affected most of the employees in the sense that they had to quite due to the small number of workers required to operate business transactions (Travelle). Consequently, employees lost their jobs thus becoming financially crippled.